i actually need sleep that’s actually a fact

nightynight lovelies~

Eh, runs in the family.

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september? more like october preparation month

tbh the only thing i don’t like about buying lunch at my school is when i go to check out and the lunch ladies at the register are like “you need one more side on that tray” and send me back into the kitchen

  • okay yeah i see that you want me to get the most food for my money
  • and you don’t want me to starve


  • some days i’m not hungry for that much and i know i’m not gonna eat that much but dang i still want my sandwich it’s big enough
  • sometimes the sides don’t look appetizing
  • i don’t have anything to take home leftovers in and none of my friends want it so i have to throw it out and that’s wasteful



my geometry homework is actually p short and p easy except it’s on the internet and i keep opening new tabs and oops now i’m on tumblr

do you see my issue

when i was six or seven i remember being really good at checkers but now i don’t know if my sister and dad were letting me win even when i said “don’t LET ME win i wanna win on my own” or if i was actually good


how many times do doctors need to confirm that lack of sleep is physically and emotionally harming high school students because of how early they have to be up before someone will give enough of a shit about these kids’ health to actually change something

i changed my icon and my header and stuff in the spirit of halloween. will be more generic-autumny, along with my blog, when november starts


having the hiccups is terrible. it’s awful. dreadful. you could even say it’s completely



*hiccup dies in httyd2 instead of stoick*
stoick: tell me how i'm supposed to breathe with no heir
*hiccup dies in httyd2 instead of stoick*
stoick: tell me how i'm supposed to breathe with no heir


i have school tomorrow and tbh i need to get my sleeping schedule straightened up

nightynight lovelies~

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i’m laughing

thg ended up on a banned books list because of “religious objection” lemme tell you something here i’ve read the series 5 times and i’m a Catholic this literally has nothing to do with religion. heck, my mom’s a p strict Catholic and she let me read them when i was 12 and then let me see the movies.

if it has to do with the violence aspect then please read the Bible. there is a good amount of violence in the Bible. 



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